Archive: Nov 2013

Surprise Entertainment for your Office Christmas Party

Imagine it…you’re tucking into your nice Xmas dinner at your company’s annual Christmas party….you’ve been chatting away to the lovely chap next to you, who apparently works in the marketing department… and all of a sudden, they jump out of their seat and burst into song!! Christmas corporate do’s are the perfect event for our […]

Undercover Superstars – A Wedding With a Twist

  Last month our Undercover Superstars were booked to perform at a Wedding. This was no ordinary wedding and we had a lot of fun working with the bride to be, putting together a scenario that worked with their different, non traditional plans. The wedding had a fun fair theme with a hog roast as […]

Funky Profiles – Undercover Superstars

Band Name: Undercover Superstars Describe what you do in less than 10 words: Undercover singing act (waiters, guests, firemen) booked to surprise and entertain. (That was almost 10!) Top tune you like to perform: ‘Dont Stop Me Now’ always works well as the begining is slow and often we do that bit from out of site so therefore […]

Undercover Superstars Past Events

We are reminiscing about some of the wonderful events we have been involved in..take a look at a couple of the Undercover Superstar events.. A couple of years ago in December, our Undercover Superstars Rachael & Damien surprised a Natwest Lunch at Althorp House. Rachael had been working Undercover at the lunch as an events […]

Undercover Superstars hi-jack B&Q!

I wanted to write a little about what we got up to yesterday!! We were asked as the Undercover Superstars, to hi-jack a B&Q conference! It was great fun, and a really good example of the kind of thing Undercover Superstars can be used for…a corporate flash mob! It was a super early morning – we had […]

Our latest naughty Singing Waiter Scenario Ideas

We’ve been doing all sorts of naughty Undercover Superstars scenarios lately – it seems like just lately all of our clients have decided they have their own ideas as to how it can work at their event (and rightly so too!), and they’ve really come up with some gems!! There are soooo many I could […]

Wedding Write Up – Jenny & Anthony

A few weeks ago, we performed at the wedding of Jenny & Anthony in the beautiful Lake District. This was such a great day, that I thought it would be worth doing a little write-up of the occasion. The venue was the gorgeous Armaithwaite Hall…see below…what a breathtaking place to get married! Firt off I must say […]

Undercover Superstars…How Singing Waiters Can Work At Your Event

People constantly ask us at MIB Music that age old question, ‘How do I find something truly different for my event?’ When you’re putting on a corporate product launch or seasonal do, deep down in your heart your ‘inner Hyacinth Bucket’ comes out (come on, we all know there’s a piece of her inside us […]