Funky Profiles – Undercover Superstars

Band Name: Undercover Superstars

Describe what you do in less than 10 words: Undercover singing act (waiters, guests, firemen) booked to surprise and entertain. (That was almost 10!)

Top tune you like to perform: ‘Dont Stop Me Now’ always works well as the begining is slow and often we do that bit from out of site so therefore the guests are thinking ‘where is this voice coming from!?’ then we burst out into view as the song gets going and as it’s a really high impact song, it gets everyone buzzing!

Favourite gig ever: There are so many amazing stories with this act. Because every gig we do involves a different scenario, we have out set scenarios but every event is different so it always involves a little thought. One gig I will be a waitress, the next I’ll be an Army Office! It’s so exciting! My favourite gig however would be one we did many years ago down in Torquay. I think this was actually one of our first events and it was just amazing to see the reaction from people. We had a waitress and a waiter who broke out into an argument half way through service, then after the waitress had stormed off our lovely waiter Tommy decided to make it up to the crowd by singing them a song. The show unfolded from there and we literally had people dancing on the tables. It was madness!


Best piece of advice you can think to give someone planning an event and booking an undercover act: Just to let your imagination run wild! There are so many possibilities of songs and scenarios, think outside the box and make your event different. We can help tailor make the scenario to your event but just give us as much information as you can on the timings/ the types of people at the event / what music you like or think would work well. It is so much fun to plan these gigs!

Tell us one performance you are looking forward to right now: It’s hard to talk about the events in advance as often we are the surprise element, so I don’t want to spoil any surprises by mentioning them however! We have a fantastic Wedding coming up where the Bride & Groom have really thought about the event and created something fantastic with us.

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