Our latest naughty Singing Waiter Scenario Ideas

We’ve been doing all sorts of naughty Undercover Superstars scenarios lately – it seems like just lately all of our clients have decided they have their own ideas as to how it can work at their event (and rightly so too!), and they’ve really come up with some gems!!

There are soooo many I could write about which have been hilarious, but this one has to have been one of my favourites I think…

We hid three of our vocalists undercover at an army event. One played an ‘overly chatty’ waitress, and we had a male and female who were the ‘camp guard’. They were dressed in wonderful army outfits that were provided by the client, and entered the room in the middle of a fun ‘quiz’ that the guests were taking part in. The idea was that our two guards would interupt, and announce that some of the officers were illegally parked and had to move their cars immediately (which is very much frowned upon within the Army!). Our female Guard, who was played by the lovely Nadine, then whipped her beret off, let her hair down, and burst into a sassy version of ‘Santa Baby’ (this was at Xmas time!).
This was followed by the male guard, bursting into song, and then the waitress absolutely shocking everyone and bursting into song from the back of the room.

The show went down a storm, and was a massive talking point for the whole evening. To make it even funnier, the client who booked us hadn’t told a soul, and when things kicked off, he got a HUGE telling off from his boss, who thought that the camp guard really were going to ruin the party! LOL

We all had a proper giggle doing this one anyway. Its brilliant working towards a clients ideas because everyone has a different take on how it can work!

What would you do at your event? Undercover Firemen? A naughty secret singing guest? Or have you got any other ideas? We’d love to hear from you!

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