The possibilities really are endless…

But below are a few scenarios we have done before that have worked really well…. Dont forget they can be tweaked, or completely changed, for your own event!

‘A Fabulous night was had by all! I’ll never forget the look on people’s faces! THANK YOU!’


Scenario A

The Chef, The Waiter, The Guest

You and your guests have been sitting having a wonderful meal, and have just polished off your main course and are happily chatting away. A waiter makes his way up to a microphone thats set up at the top of the room, and ‘tings’ his glass for an announcement. Everyone quietens down, and the waiter starts to speak.

He apologises for interrupting everybody, but would like to introduce the chef who cooked their lovely meal, and as its Chefs birthday and as he’d done such a fabulous job cooking this evening perhaps you could all sing happy birthday to him. The waiter gets everyone singing to the chef, and the chef looks pleased as punch to be getting so much attention! Chef thanks everyone, and goes to head back to the kitchen. Half way back, he stops in his tracks…like he’s had a fantastic idea, and heads back to the mic.

He interrupts everyone again and on the mic announces that as its his birthday, he’d like to sing you a song! Before anyone can stop him he starts singing a strained and out of tune performance of ‘Thank You’ by Dido. His singing is SO terrible that people start to laugh and jeer! The waiter gently pulls him away from the mic after just a few lines, and appears to take him off and give him a quick talking to! He comes back to the mic and apologises to the audience…explaining that Chef has a big dream to become a professional singer, and he likes to practice on unsuspecting audiences!! He apologises again and goes to get back to waitering…but just as he does he decides to show the audience how its really done! Music starts, and this waiter launches into a mind-blowing rendition of ‘Let Me Entertain You’ by Robbie Williams. The audience is shocked, as this waiter is fantastic! He’s running round the room, climbing up on the tables…and everyone is clapping along!

At the end of his performance the crowd is ecstatic! He’s soaking up the attention, taking huge bows and loving the sound of the applause. However…through the sound of cheering and clapping, the intro to ‘I feel Good’ starts to play. Out of nowhere, the chef
has stolen the mic! He starts to sing, with a cheeky look on his face….he’s brilliant!! The crowd goes even more wild, cheering at him croon the high notes…and laughing at him grabbing a woman out of the audience and whirling her around the room!

Just as the song is finished, the two guys come together to take a bow! Suddenly, ‘Respect’ by Aretha Franklyn starts playing over the PA. The two guys look confused…none of them seem to know anything about this…up stands ‘Jane’…one of your colleague’s girlfriends who you’ve been chatting to all evening. She pulls out a mic from under the table and starts belting out the song, making her way up to the other two boys. Once she gets to them, they all get into the spirit, getting people up to dance with them, and encouraging everyone to sing along and clap.

After the song finishes, the 3 singers reveal that they are in fact the Undercover Superstars!! Together they perform a rockin rendition of ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough’, and ‘All Night Long’

Scenario B

Male Guest, Female Guest, Male Catering Manager

The male and female ‘guests’ are placed in your event on a table with your other guests. They will be in character from the moment they arrived and will fool your guests into believing one of them in an employee and his ‘other half’ (or something that would work for you).

The female guest appears to be a little ‘tipsy’, and after the main course jumps up on her feet and staggers up to the microphone thats set up to the side of the room (or on stage if you have a band set up!). She proceeds to make a drunken speech about how much she loves her ‘other half’, gets down on one knee, and proposes!! Her boyfriend looks incredibly embarrassed, head in hands! She then decides to sing him a song, which is an awful out of tune rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You’!!

After a few lines, her boyfriend jumps up, he cant take any more!! He grabs the mic, and her hand, and says of course I will marry you! (As long as you stop singing!). He then apologises for the interruption…but offers to sing a song himself! He bursts into a fabulous rendition of ‘Cant Take My Eyes Off You’, getting the guests up singing and clapping!

After he’s finished, the catering manager comes in with a bottle of champagne to congratulate them. He makes a short speech, and then shocks everyone by bursting into ‘Fly Me To The Moon’. After he’s finished (with standing ovation of course!) the female guest decides she wants a go now too! She grabs the mic and wows the audience with a perfect performance of ‘I’m So Excited’, dancing round the room!

As a grand finale the group gather together, reveal that they in actual fact, the Undercover Superstars, and sing a stunning group performance of ‘Relight My Fire’, and ‘New York New York’..

Scenario Proposal C

Male Firemen x 2, Female Event Manager

You and your guests are happily eating away, when two firemen appear through the doorway. They seem to be discussing something awkwardly between the two of them and looking around the room with a worried look on their faces. One of them notices a microphone set up, so approaches it and addresses the audience….. he apologises for interrupting the event – basically they’ve had to come down and do a spot check on the building, and unfortunately it doesn’t comply with fire regulations. He’s very worried that
the event will have to be shut down…he explains there’s nothing to worry about, but perhaps everyone could remain seated until he can sort it out. He spots the event manager at the side of the room and goes to chat to her (off mic). The other fireman is left back over by the mic…looking a little embarrassed!! He sheepishly approaches the microphone….says, ‘I suppose I had better keep you all entertained really shouldn’t I?!’ He asks if the guests mind if he sings them a song – it’s just he’s never been in this
situation before (mic in hand!) and has always dreamed of being up on stage, like on X Factor!! He stutters out a horrendous attempt at a song….obviously very nervous and not much of a singer at all!

The event manager and other fireman stop their conversation and realise what’s going on – they both run over to the mic and she ushers the fireman away, with a stern look on her face! The other fireman apologises over the mic…he’s so sorry, ‘Frank’ (the other fireman) is always on about being on ‘bloomin X Factor!’ He’s pretty much done apologising, and turns to go back to the event manager – but turns back. ‘Actually, maybe I can show you how it’s done?’ he says with a cheeky smile!

He launches into an amazing performance of ‘take on me’ by Aha – this man is brilliant!! He performs all over the room, running this way and that! The guests are absolutely shocked! When he finishes the song, he laps up the applause, taking a multitude of bows!!

Out of nowhere, the intro to ‘don’t stop me now’ starts. A voice is singing it – but where is it coming from? The song kicks in and they realise its ‘Frank’ the other fireman!! He’s fantastic – and runs around the room like a loony, stripping off his fireman’s jacket and pelvic thrusting in ladies faces! (Ha ha) The crowd go wild and he pulls them all to their feet, getting everyone clapping and singing along!! At the end of the song the two firemen come together and take a joint bow!!!

Suddenly, the intro to ‘Hot Stuff’ starts playing. The event manager has got a
microphone – she starts singing and ‘WOW’ she’s got a fabulous voice!! The two firemen go round dancing with the ladies while the event manager gets all the guys up on their feet!

When she’s finished, the three come together and explain that, they are in fact the Undercover Superstars and they have been hired to entertain you all! They launch into a group song of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, getting everyone singing and dancing along!