Surprise Entertainment for your Office Christmas Party

Imagine it…you’re tucking into your nice Xmas dinner at your company’s annual Christmas party….you’ve been chatting away to the lovely chap next to you, who apparently works in the marketing department… and all of a sudden, they jump out of their seat and burst into song!!

Christmas corporate do’s are the perfect event for our Undercover Superstars. If you haven’t heard of them yet, the basic idea is that we hide professional vocalists and performers undercover at your event. There’s no end to the possibilities of  how we could hide them (its whatever you and we can come up with between us, in the planning stage) but examples could be waiters (who perhaps have been particularly clumsy all evening), bar staff (who might appear perhaps a little tipsy!), firemen (who come in and announce the event has broken regulations and has to be shut down), or guests (like our chap from marketing as mentioned above). Together we will come up with a fantastic and original scenario where our characters somehow cause a bit of a scene, and they then burst into song and shock everyone!

Our Undercover Superstars perform modern music that gets everyone up on their feet dancing and singing along. Its the perfect opportunity to bring some excitement to what might be a bit of a dreary works dinner!


So…. you’d like to hear more detail? Here’s a special Christmas scenario we performed last year…

Case Study

We placed three of our vocalists undercover at a work party in London, playing the characters of an event manager, a cocktail bar man and a guest. A few hours went by where the singers worked under cover – casually drawing attention to themselves. Our cocktail bar man clearly had no idea how to mix cocktails in the wonderful way that his ‘colleagues’ could, but whole heartedly gave it a go, twirling around his shakers and glasses and telling people it was his first day but he was ‘trying’. We developed a wonderful banter between him and our rather moody event manager, who constantly was on his case to do a better job (in front of guests waiting to be served)  Our guest played the part of ‘Mandy’ who had been contracted recently by the company to do some of their PR and social networking (so she worked from home and only dealt with one or two people from the office).

After deserts had finished, the sound of everyone happily chattering away was broken by a huge clatter and very soon after an angry shout from our event manager. Our poor bar man was in trouble because he’d been trying to impress a couple of the guests by doing cocktail tricks and clearly had no idea what he was doing! The event manager shouted at him and said he’d had enough, and ordered him to leave immediately. The bar man, looking sorry for himself, went to leave…at this point every guest was quiet and the atmosphere really quiet awkward…it was hilarious to watch!! As he passed the microphone set up for speeches, he decides to apologise. He addresses the guests and says it was his first day, he didnt mean to disrupt everything, he was trying really hard…. the guests felt sorry for him then, and gave him a huge cheer! With a big smile on his face, he then offers to sing them a song… and launches into the most AMAZING version of ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’, running around the room and getting everyone up on their feet dancing and singing!!

At the end of the song, he lapped up the applause….bowing and milking it for everything he could! And then…suddenly….out comes the moody event manager, singing Elton John’s ‘Step into Christmas’! He’s amazing…and suddenly no longer moody, but jumping around, pulling up women to dance and sing along with him, whizzing them around the room….

The crowd went wild, absolutely loving every minute of it! At the end of his song, the two men came together and took a bow, only to be interrupted by our guest, ‘Mandy’ who jumps out of her chair and performs a STUNNING rendition of ‘All I Want For Christmas is you’.

After Mandy has finished, the three come together and announce/admit that they are infact the Undercover Superstars and had been hired to hi-jack the event! They then performed a couple more Christmas songs and got everyone partying along with them!


Here’s a video of our Undercover Superstars in action!

Check out more on the Undercover Superstars now on their website, or contact us and we can discuss some fun details on how we could hijack your event!

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