Undercover Superstars – A Wedding With a Twist


Last month our Undercover Superstars were booked to perform at a Wedding. This was no ordinary wedding and we had a lot of fun working with the bride to be, putting together a scenario that worked with their different, non traditional plans. The wedding had a fun fair theme with a hog roast as opposed to a traditional sit down meal and had a very fun and relaxed vibe. We were a complete surprise to the guests and this is the scenario we put together:


2 undercover singers – one as a ‘strongest man helper’ (Gavin) and one working on the bar (Debby) Both singers will try and (subtly) get a little attention throughout the day, so perhaps the ‘strongest man’ can be really over the top with his job, and overly confident with his own strength, maybe running a competition for the strongest man which he keeps winning!? And the bar lady could perhaps be a little clumsy and keep getting orders wrong. 

The Strongest Man Helper could at some point come up to the mic and announce the winner of the competition, and when he learns it is not himself he gets very upset and goes into a very over the top moan. He says he’s only doing this job as he didnt get through on Xfactor bootcamp last year! He then storms off. Our nearby bar lady comes along and apologises for the disruption, and offers to sing a song instead, to dedicate to the bride and groom. She launches into an amazing rendition of ‘Blame It on The Boogie’ by Jackson 5, and gets everyone clapping and singing along! As she’s lapping up the applause, another voice is heard…singing the intro to ‘Moves Like Jagger’ by Maroon 5. Its the Strongest Man Helper!! He emerges from the crowd singing away and everyone is amazed – he’s brilliant! 

After he has finished singing, the two come together and explain that they are infact the Undercover Superstars and they have been hired to entertain! The pair explain that the next song involves some singing from the audience so after showing the audience how the chorus goes, they decide to split the audience in two halves, each taking a side and competing for who can be the loudest. Once the pair are satisfied they launch into ‘I Feel Good’ by James Brown handing over the microphone to a chosen audience member on each ‘I Feel Good’ and getting them all up dancing. 

For the finale song the singers announce that they want everyone to join singing and dancing one of the Bride Kerrys favourite songs ‘Dont Stop Believing’


The Superstars went down a storm! Below is a note from the bride, Kerry:

After knowing about the Undercover Superstars for a few years I was determined to make them part of my wedding day to give all my guests a surprise and get the party started. Throughout the day the guys made a bit of a show of themselves at being rather outlandish and awful bar staff (so much my brother in law almost complained to the events manager!). Later in the evening xxx (sorry don’t know his name), came to make an announcement for us and he was brilliant! Everyone looked very awkward as it was totally inappropriate for a wedding and he had everyone shocked! When Debby came along to sing us a song everyone started getting into it but still felt it was weird!

Then it all kicked off with a fabulous duet and everyone started to cotton on! Guests have described it to me a ‘a total shock’, ‘amazing singers’ and ‘so much fun’!. You really added an extra fun twist to my day to make sure it stuck in everyone’s heads! 

The singers got everyone singing along and that really did start the evening events with a bang. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again (although think my cover is now blown) and would recommend them to everyone.


When researching I did look at other companies but chose Undercover Superstars for the quality of their singers but also their flexibility – I wanted some fun tunes and modern songs, which everyone could sing along to and that is exactly what I got!


Right from the start Rachael and her team worked with me to really create the ideal scenario and make some amazing suggestions. Having the Sound Engineer as a DJ throughout the day was also a real added bonus – it was great to have music all day.


Thanks again Undercover Superstars! 

Another great Undercover Superstars gig! We really love to work with you to create a scenario that will work with your event and your ideas. Get in touch with our office team who are happy to help.

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