Undercover Superstars hi-jack B&Q!

I wanted to write a little about what we got up to yesterday!! We were asked as the Undercover Superstars, to hi-jack a B&Q conference! It was great fun, and a really good example of the kind of thing Undercover Superstars can be used for…a corporate flash mob!

It was a super early morning – we had to arrive at 7a.m at the big B&Q head offices in Southampton (which meant leaving as early as 4.30am for some of our singers! Thats the time we usually get home from a gig, haha). 8 of our vocalists (including myself) turned up to an empty building, and began to rehearse our performance of ‘Our House’ by Crosby, Stills and Nash, which has been used on the B&Q adverts. We had a wonderful mix of singers, and we don’t often have so many booked on one event (generally it will just be 3 vocalists) so it was lovely to hear all the voices working so well together.

Once people started arriving to work we had to blend in. We were all dressed in ‘corporate casual’ wear, as this was the way everyone else dresses in the office. Its a huge estabolishment, so we were able to blend in without people wondering who we were.

Employees started to gather in the huge canteen/reception area – around 2000 of them! We placed ourselves around the room, scattered amongst the other employees, chatting away and pretending we’d been working there for years. The presentation started, which was a really interesting talk  (honestly – we all learnt loads!) about branding, and more specifically, B&Q’s branding and their plans for the next 2 years.

Towards the end of the presentation, the introduction to ‘Our House’ started playing over the PA, and suddenly Damien, one of our singers, jumped up out of the audience and started singing. Everyone seemed pretty shocked but they all had a huge smile on their faces! After the first verse, all 7 other vocalists stood up from wherever they were posted in the conference, and began to sing, making their way to the front of the room. Everyone reacted really well and all the employees were singing along, and waving their hands in the air!

It was great fun, and a really interesting experience seeing the inner workings of B&Q and how they run. They sure do have a fun work ethic, and their employees genuinely all seemed to love what they do. In fact, a lot of us were so inspired by their presentation, we forgot we were singers for a minute and were 100% B&Q employees, haha :)

Thanks to Contraband Events for getting us involved in this! And here’s a picture of us with Pudsy the bear!! (B&Q do a lot of charity work, so he was paying them a visit too!)

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