Undercover Superstars in Egypt

Earlier on this week we sent 2 of our Undercover Superstars to Egypt to do a very unique performance thanks to Scarlett Entertainment.

Marianne and Tane were booked to work as undercover Flight Attendants on board separate private planes flying from Aswan to Cairo.

Marianne, set the scene:

Well….for starters it was very surreal! We were picked up from the airport and at almost military precision were guided through the passport and bag checks within about 10 minutes and a car waiting outside to take us to the hotel. We got to the hotel which was very lovely (treated like royalty!!!). The next morning, very early, we had breakfast and were greeted at reception and briefed on what was going to happen.


What jobs did you have to do when Undercover?

Marianne: We were told to greet guests when they got on the plane. I was told to carry out seatbelt checks and just generally make my face seen.



How did you break out into song?

Tane: I burst out at the front of the plane, explaining to the audience that I was made for more than just this, explaining that I was meant to be a superstar with my name in lights…

Then put some sunglasses on and start the show with “Sir Duke” Everyone looked quite surprised…But they went with it…

Marianne: They didn’t want a scenario from me, they wanted it to be a surprise so whilst the guests were eating breakfast I crept up the isle with my speaker and belted out “MY BABYS ALWAYS DAAANCING…” with my big gob as I do!


What songs did you sing?

Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder)
Hard to handle (Counting crows)
I wish (Stevie Wonder)
Rock with you (MJ)
Higher & Higher (Jackie Wilson)
I feel good (James Brown)
Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
Valerie (Amy Winehouse)


What was the audience’s reaction?

Tane:  They clapped, danced along, and took pictures and videos.

Marianne: Eyes wide and laughing, the gents and 1 lady on the plane bobbed around in their seats singing along.


How did you feel when you were Undercover?

 Tane: Slightly nervous, but the crew were great and they gave me jobs that made me look like a seasoned professional.



What were you thinking when you were performing?

Tane: I hope we don’t hit any turbulence. And also focusing on keeping the energy up during the total performance…

Marianne: I kept thinking “Am I really singing on a plane right now???….please no turbulence as I’m in heels”  It was just crazy mad!


What was your highlight of the gig?

Tane: Getting to see what goes on behind the scenes in a private plane, meet the pilots, the crew & see Egypt from a different perspective…

Marianne : Definitely one for the memory box!

A massive thanks to Scarlett Entertainment for such a fabulous booking.


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