Undercover Superstars in Morocco


Undercover Superstars were honoured to be flown out to Marrakech last week to perform for a fantastic wedding. 3 male undercover singers were required and along with the usual 20 minute reveal show, they also performed a half hour set later on.

Here is a little write up from vocalist Raff:

‘We were flown in the wee small hours to Marrakech to perform on the final day of a 3-day Indian wedding! They certainly know how to party. We were on a mission. A mission to entertain…undercover! My role was to pretend to be a guest, so with cover story in tow I proceeded to make myself known: extra loud whooping and wailing as the bride and groom entered, being nosy in everyone’s plate at the buffet and then finding a target to sit with – cue exotic accent, elaborate back story and much gesticulation! Then the moment arrived. My fellow Undercover Superstars took to the stage in their disguises as waiter and chef. On cue; I jump on a chair and shout ‘I want to sing’ from the back of the room using a mic concealed in my jacket…true identity revealed! Running through the crowd I sang Moves Like Jagger to an elated audience, followed by Get Lucky, Billie Jean and All Night Long, culminating in some group choreography as the lads sang New York, New York. We left the crowd grinning and cheering. But I wasn’t finished. I had some explaining to do…on the sidelines I had 2 ladies with arms folded and slight smile waiting for me – they’d taken this weary solo traveller under their wing, who then suddenly jumped on stage! They were good sports and loved the whole thing. It was a whirlwind visit but Morocco was certainly beautiful and fun.


Joe Ringer Morocc

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