Undercover Superstars Past Events

We are reminiscing about some of the wonderful events we have been involved in..take a look at a couple of the Undercover Superstar events..

A couple of years ago in December, our Undercover Superstars Rachael & Damien surprised a Natwest Lunch at Althorp House. Rachael had been working Undercover at the lunch as an events supervisor when all of a sudden a lost German walker came wandering into the room. All the guests were sat down enjoying their after dinner coffees in such a beautiful room, when in walks a man in muddy walking boots and a wooley hat! ‘Excuse me’ he announced in his strong German accent, ‘I am trying to find the Diana Memorial’. When Rachael explained that he was interupting a Natwest Lunch he burst into a rage complaining about how he couldn’t get a mortgage. The guests obviously found him quite humorous and one lady shouted out ‘Step into my office’ as she pointed towards her knee for him to sit on. After a lot of comotion, Rachael ushered him out the room and apologised for the disruption. Then suddenly out of no-where came a voice…’Toniiiight, I’m gonna have myself…a real good time’ and out bursts our German wonderer singing ‘Dont Stop Me Now’ as he runs around the room, pulling people off their chairs and dancing with them. After a lot of applause from the crowd, with Damien milking it with several bows, no one seemed to notice there was another song starting and then suddenly, Rachael burst through the door singing ‘Im So Excited’ by the Pointer Sisters. Everyone stayed on their feet and joined in dancing and singing, some even made it onto the tables! The guests were all so shocked that the event planner had now transformed into a dynamic performer and was now racing round the room belting out a disco track!
After Rachael had sung her song, both the singers announced they were actually the ‘Undercover Superstars’. The crowd joined in and sang along to a finale song of ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough’ and then were left to go back to their coffees. What an entertaining Tuesday afternoon lunch!

The above picture was taken at a recent wedding where we had the Chef, the Event Planner and the Waitress scenario.

At another event we hid three undercover superstars at a Military event, dressed as Military Police! Half way through the meal, three of our artistes interrupted the meal and announced that three people had illegally parked their vehicles (which just so happens to be a HUGE no-no in the military, and they just so happened to be the three top MPs there). The whole audience looked shocked that these three very important people had not parked in the appropriate place, and there was an embarrassed hush as they all got up to leave the room.
Before they made it to the door, all of a sudden, one of our undercover ‘officers’ whipped her beret off, shook her beautiful long blonde hair down her shoulders, and began to sing ‘Santa Baby’ (it was Christmas time)… the whole room went crazy as they realised she wasn’t actually an officer at all! The other two undercover ‘officers’ then burst into song, and before they all knew it everyone was on their feet partying away with our Undercover Superstars!

The great thing about the Undercover Superstars concept is that we can tailor make it to suit your event and ideas. We have our scenario templates we can use however every event is different and needs to be addressed individually. The same applies to song choices, whilst we have our standard ones that we offer, we can be very flexible with this. Often we are asked to learn a companies theme song which as you can imagine, goes down very well at their corporate parties.

Take a look at the website and please do contact us, even if just to brainstorm ideas on whether the Undercover Superstars are right for your event.


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