Wedding Write Up – Jenny & Anthony

A few weeks ago, we performed at the wedding of Jenny & Anthony in the beautiful Lake District. This was such a great day, that I thought it would be worth doing a little write-up of the occasion.

The venue was the gorgeous Armaithwaite Hall…see below…what a breathtaking place to get married!

Firt off I must say that the view from the rear of the hotel was just the most amazing view I’ve ever seen – literally breathtaking. I remember walking out of the back door expecting it to be like every other very beautiful wedding venue I’ve been to…but I just couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was. In fact, I’ll stop gushing and just pop a picture below for you…it doesn’t even look real, but I promise it was that beautiful (and more!)…


See what I mean! Anthony & Jen then arrived (after their ceremony) by Helicopter!


During the wedding breakfast, they had our ‘Bhudda Bar’ Sax set which quietly set a mood over dinner. This is a lovely alternative to the traditional jazz sets you might usually find at weddings. Our saxophonist will improvise over ‘chilled-out Ibiza’ style tracks, which sets a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

So…the guests relaxed, ate and got merry, but what they didn’t know, was that Anthony & Jenny had booked our Undercover Superstars! Half way through the meal, two firemen appeared through the doorway, appearing to be ‘inspecting’ the room. People started to talk….’what do they want?’, have they booked strippers?!’, ‘Don’t you dare ruin my friends wedding’, were the comments that were flying about the place!

Our top Fireman, Dan, wondered up the microphone, and announced that the hotel had actually broken several fire regulations, and they were doing further inspections. When he announced that there was a possibility that they’d have to shut the event down, the guests all seemed rather shocked…. One of the ‘event managers’ came over and took him off to discuss, leaving his partner alone by the microphone. With a cheeky look on his face, this fireman decides to have a chat with everyone. He tells them he’s planning on auditioning for ‘X-Factor’ this year, and can he try out his audition piece?

He attempted a pretty appauling rendition of his audition song, causing Fireman Dan & The Event Manager to run back to the mic and remove him from it! Dan apologised…and just as he was about to walk away he said, ‘Actually…can I show you how its done?’

He launched into an amazing version of ‘Take on Me’ by Aha, which immediately got the guests screeching along and clapping enthusiastically. When he finished, while he was lapping up the applause…a voice came from somewhere, singing the intro to ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen…. it was the other Fireman! As the music got faster, he began to literally sprint around the room, only stopping to cheekily wink at a few ladies as he passed!

The two guys got the audience up and dancing, singing and clapping along, but when they finished, the intro to ‘Hot Stuff’ started playing. They looked at each other in confusion….’Are you doing this one?’ Dan asked his colleague…. they both shook their heads and started picking people out of the audience….’Is it you singing this one?’ they asked a rather scared looking man on the nearby table. And suddenly from the back of the room, came the Event Manager, mic in hand, belting out the high notes and twirling round the room like a superstar!

The three of them all came together and admitted that they are not really firemen, and an event manager, but they are the Undercover Superstars! They then performed ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ and ‘All Night Long’ to finish, getting the guests up and dancing and having a fabulous time!


The Party then got started with the MIB 6 piece band, and DJ Matt to fill between sets. The night went down a storm.

Thanks for having us as part of your big day Jenny & Anthony! We wish you guys all the best and hope you have a wonderful future together

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