What We Do

We work together with you to put together a scenario for your event – whether it be a corporate work party, a wedding, an awards ceremony, a music festival, or anything else… this idea really can work for anything, because we give a bespoke to you service. Its great fun… we chat through how the event will work with you, the organiser, and then brainstorm ideas on how we can hide our singers, and what sort of scenario will bring them to everyones attention. We also discuss with you music and song choices, depending on what you’d like to hear.

Take a look at our scenario options to see some ideas of how we have hi-jacked other peoples events in the past!

The basic idea is that together you and we will choose characters that can blend into your event (waiters, bar staff, chefs, guests etc!), and then custom design a scenario which means they can draw attention to themselves. This might mean a drunken waiter, an argument between the chef and the event planner, or perhaps a public proposal from one of your ‘guests’…the possibilities are endless! Once the singers have made everyone in the room notice them, they will burst into song, and one by one each singer will come out of the woodwork, until all of them are partying around your event, getting everyone up on their feet singing and dancing to the music!

The Superstars will be at your event usually around 5 hours, setting up discreetly, sound-checking if they can, and then working as their characters. The performance is then usually around 20-30minutes – its a high impact show that will leave everyone talking about it for months afterwards!